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R/C Warship Combat

Welcome Aboard!

Picture courtesy of MBG member Mike Piskula.

  Welcome to my R/C Warship Combat site! I am a member of the Midwest Battle Group based in Albion, Indiana and covering Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. We are a bunch of nutty, but fun people who build scale model R/C warships from W.W.I and W.W.II, and sink them. It's not as crazy as it sounds. You really do have to see it for yourself. The sides of the ships are made out of balsa of different thickness depending on the armor thickness of the actual ship. We use CO2 powered cannons of different sizes depending on the actual armament of the original ship. For example: An Iowa class battleship with 16" guns will fire a 1/4" ball bearing, but a Fletcher class  destroyer with 5" guns would fire a BB. Because of this, safety is very important. EVERYONE including the bystanders MUST wear eye protection at all times. In addition, a pump is installed to help keep them afloat during battle. Only when the amount of water entering the hull exceeds the amount of water the pump can handle...well, lets just say Davey Jones' locker has been looted many times over the last few years since I have been in this hobby! The picture above was provided by Midwest Battle Group member Mike Piskula, taken during the 2000 season. Notice how the warships protect their precious cargo ships! There are more pictures at the Midwest Battle Group link. I will try to make this site a picture gallery of battles over the next few years. Unfortunately, it's winter...and I'll have to wait until spring to get started. Hope you enjoy the site!

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