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     The Mikuma is a Japanese Mogami Class Cruiser that served in the Pacific during W.W.II. She suffered heavy damage during the Battle Of Midway while taking evasive action against US aircraft and collided with the Mogami on June 5, 1942. US aircraft found the damaged and nearly crippled ship the next day and she was officially sunk on June 6 by American Torpedo and Dive Bombers. This is an early picture due to the fact that the 5" guns seen here in triple mounts were replaced with 8" guns in twin mounts in 1939.

Check out this firepower!

Mikuma at full speed.

This is one of the most detailed ships in the MBG.

Waiting for the battle to begin.

            Big Gun Statistics

Displacement (Actual)
9,500 Tons
Approx. Model Weight
37 Knots/30.4 sec. per 100 feet.
Scale Length
Scale Width
Scale Draft
Balsa Skin
Pump Size
30 gph
Main Weapons
12 Torpedo's (2x6)**
# Shafts
# Rudders
** Torpedo's are simulated using fixed 1/4" ball bearings that can fire no further than 3' from the ship.

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