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Favorite Links

Ships And R/C Stuff:
  Self Explanatory.
Valpariaso Shipyards           
Jason Annen's MBG Site.
 Self Explanatory
Nice Site, Great Bunch Of Guys Out Of California.
Another Great Club In North Texas.
A Site In New Zealand With 1/96 Scale Ships.
BDE Supplies      
 Cannons, Ship Plans, Almost Everything You Need    To Outfit Your Big Gun Ship.
George Goff            
 Another Great Place For Ship Plans.
 Small Gun Kits And Cannons.
 Very Detailed R/C Models (Not For Combat, But Very Cool!)
Warships 1       
 A Great Site For Pictures And General Info On Warships From All Over The World.

Favorite Masonic Sites:
 Self Explanatory.

Other Links:
 Best up to date information on firefighting and emergency news from around the world.
 The Most Talented Woman In Hollywood!
 My Kids LOVE The 8 Foot Tilly's. (Yep, I'm Divorced And Spoil Them To Death!)
 Great Site For Kids! (My Youngest Sons Favorite)
Official Site (My Oldest Sons Favorite)
Website From The Ship I Was Stationed On In The U.S. Navy
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