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Bill Newbauer
Written by Phil Sensibaugh.

    As far as cannon makers go, in the eight years Bill Newbauer has made cannon he had done as much to support the hobby as anyone. Since Bill made his first cannon, through improvements in manufacturing technique he has found ways to drop the price from $260.00 each to about $150.00 each. Through the years Bill has made about 1,000 cannon, which is perhaps as many cannon as all other cannon makers in the hobby combined. So many of his cannon are in use that they have become known as the "Newbauer Cannon" and are in service from Canada, to Australia, to Africa, and all across the USA. The quality and reliability of his cannon has always been excellent and he has always stood behind his work if a problem did arise.
     Bill is a veteran of W.W.II. He and his wife of over fifty years, Bonnie, raised a large family and currently live together in Albion, Indiana. Bill decided to retire from cannon making since he and Bonnie are both over eighty years of age. Bill does not want to see the hobby falter with an absence of choice in cannon, so he arraigned to sell his equipment to Jason Annen. Jason will continue the effort of cannon making in the future.


     On a side note, these cannon have always had a very good reputation for quality and dependability. Jason Annen is a very good choice to carry the torch. He and Bill are a lot alike. They both are very committed to this hobby, and I am glad that this is in such good hands. I am certain that any future cannon from the Newbauer line will carry with it the same quality, dependability, and value that has made these cannon so popular to begin with.