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Midwest Battle Group

     The Roma served me well for two season's with the MBG. She was built by MBG member Jason Annon and was traded for the Mikuma due to the fact that she was too big to be transported in the back seat of my car. The Roma has a record in the MBG right now for most below the water line hits in a single day without being sunk. Am I good, or what?
     I also have Flags that can be downloaded for the hobby. These cover most of the popular countries in this hobby, and can be printed on Avery brand address labels Item # 8160.
     Also, don't forget to read the tribute to R/C Warship Combat cannon pioneer Bill Newbauer written by club member Phil Sensibaugh.
     Take a look at Mike Piskula's USS Midway.
     Don't forget to check out the Mikuma, built by club member Brent Jernigan. Probably one of the most detailed ships in the MBG.

MBG 2002 Schedule:

Rules Meeting: Albion, IN
Midwest Battle Group Official Site.
March 24
Valporaiso, IN
April 21
Valporaiso, IN
May 19
Valporaiso, IN
June 17
Valporaiso, IN
July 13-14
Albion, IN
Aug. 25
Valporaiso, IN
Sept. 21-22
Albion, IN
Oct. 13
Valporaiso, IN
     If anyone is interested in joining, it is highly recommended that you attend a battle first. If you would like to see a battle as our guest, feel free to contact me for details.