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Other Hobbies
     In addition to Scale Model Warship Combat, I am also a Mason. Currently, I am serving as the Secretary of the Lodge, and am the Treasurer of the Temple Board of the Walled Lake, Michigan Masonic Lodge #528. The Shriners (better known for the Shriners Circus and the Shriners Children's Hospital) are Masons. We do quite a bit of charity work for the communities that we live in. During the Christmas holiday of 2000, the Masonic Lodge that I belong to donated 200 pillows to a local homeless shelter, and adopted several local families to make sure they had a decent Christmas. In addition, we give out a scholarship each year to local High School Grads who excel in academics and community leadership. This year, the Michigan Grand Masonic Lodge pledged 200,000 volunteer hours to public schools in Michigan to help kids who need it.  For more information on Masonry, click on the Michigan Grand Lodge logo below, or search for the Masonic Grand Lodge in your state or province.

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